Wallow in nostalgia at Duke’s photo exhibition

From the archives: Photograph of St Anne's Church, Lancaster, which 'became The Dukes theatre
From the archives: Photograph of St Anne's Church, Lancaster, which 'became The Dukes theatre

You are invited to take a stroll down Memory Lane on your next visit to The Dukes gallery in Lancaster.

To coincide with its latest homegrown play – The Life And Times Of Mitchell & Kenyon – The Dukes is also hosting an exhibition of photographs of Lancaster and Morecambe from yesteryear.

The Life And Times Of Lancaster & Morecambe, which runs until May 11, is a fascinating collection of old photographs from The Dukes’ own archive, Lancaster City Museum, the Library Service, Lancaster Civic Society and Lancaster-based photographer, Johnny Bean.

Some of the photographs on display date back to the time when Lancashire filmmakers Sagar Mitchell & James Kenyon were plying their pioneering trade throughout the country including in Lancaster and Morecambe.

They show Williamson Park when the Ashton Memorial was still being built, Morecambe Promenade, the old railway station at Green Ayre and even the stocks at Slyne.

Many of the other images were taken within living memory and show different areas of Lancaster and Morecambe in the Sixties and Seventies.

Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to write down any memories evoked by the photos in a book available in the gallery.

One section of the exhibition focuses on The Dukes building itself from the days when it was still St Anne’s Church in the Fifties through the Seventies when it was developed into a theatre and up to the present day.

The Life And Times Of Lancaster & Morecambe exhibition is open during normal Dukes opening hours.

If you are making a special trip to see it, please call the Box Office on 01524 598500 as sometimes the gallery is used for other activities.