War declared on owners of ‘dirty’ dogs

Wyre Borough Council Cabinet member 'Pete Murphy
Wyre Borough Council Cabinet member 'Pete Murphy

Wyre Council is seeking approval of fine tuning to a series of dog control orders aimed at cleaning up the borough and encouraging responsible dog ownership.

Following extensive consultation with town and parish councils and community groups, final recommendations will be made to Wyre Council’s ruling cabinet next Wednesday.

The orders are designed to address issues in individual areas and will allow the council to target irresponsible dog owners.

They will set out where dogs can be walked freely, where they must be kept on a lead, how many can be walked at once, and in some cases where dogs are excluded from altogether, including children’s playgrounds and sports pitches.

People with registered guide dogs or trained assistance dogs will be exempt.

Brock Ward’s Coun Peter Murphy, cabinet member with responsibility for dog controls, said: “Dog control orders are essential to allow the council to deal with the continual problems of dog fouling and nuisance that affect our neighbourhoods, without impeding the vast majority of dog owners who are responsible.”

Coun Murphy has been involved in several dog problem issues, including one at Barton, which featured in The Courier recently. He added: “Through education and the enforcement of these orders, we hope to see a reduction in incidents of dog related anti social behaviour and an improved culture of responsible dog ownership.

“We want people to feel confident when sharing public places with dogs, ensuring that all sections of the community can enjoy our parks and open spaces.”

The scheme will be fully rolled out in phases, subject to approval of the amendments.