Wasted water worry for cabin park owner

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THE owner of a rural Wyre log cabin homes park has hit out at United Utilities for allowing a burst water main to bubble away for weeks, wasting thousands of gallons of water.

Officials at Woodlands Country park, Skitham Lane, near Nateby, reported the burst main earlier this month, and were told by UU it would be sorted within days.

But park secretary Claire Cross said since then she has contacted UU several times to point out the water main was still spewing out water, which was running into a farmer’s field.

She is worried the water on the road will turn to ice in the predicted cold snap, posing a danger to motorists.

The on-going burst is also thought to have led to a loss of water pressure at the 63 lodges at the nearby country home park.

Miss Cross told The Courier yesterday that in her latest phone conversations with UU officials she was told the delays were due to the need to organise traffic halts for work to go ahead.

Then she was told the delays were proximity of a gas pipe which would require the attendance of gas engineers before work could be carried out on the burst water pipe.

Park owner Mr William Lowcock said he was not aware of any gas main in the area.

Last winter there was a series of accidents in the frosty weather on the busy rural route which links Garstang to Out Rawcliffe and Hambleton.

A UU spokesperson said: “The leak was reported to us on September 30, engineers attended site the same day. However, a major gas pipeline was in close proximity to the water main that required specialist assistance and advice from National Grid before we could excavate our water pipe. We can confirm the leak will be repaired this week.”