What’s future for Fairtrade in our town?

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How can Garstang develop its pioneering Fairtrade role further?

That is the question being put to local residents as the local steering group prepares to seek renewal of the town’s Fairtrade status.

This week the group issued a call for ideas to be shared about how best to use the Fairtrade movement to benefit local groups and residents in what is officially the world’s first Fairtrade town.

The initiative comes following the decision that the FIG Tree Fairtrade Centre will move to a new home in Lancaster following ongoing uncertainty over the future of the town’s community and business centre, where it is currently located.

Spokesman Michael Tempan said the local group was becoming aware that some thought Garstang, the world’s first Fairtrade town, would lose its status if the FIG Tree moved. The status has to be renewed every two years.

Mary Cammack, chair of the steering group, said: “We work very closely with other Fairtrade groups, especially in Lancaster, Morecambe and Preston, as well as the Mustard Seed and the FIG Tree.

“These links will continue, irrespective of the FIG Tree’s possible move away from Garstang.

“Further afield, we have links with groups and individuals from across the world.

“The residents of Garstang and surrounding areas have given lots of support to Fairtrade over the past 12 years and we want to look at how we can better repay this.

“How can we best use the town’s Fairtrade movement to benefit local groups and residents?

“Over the next few months, everyone in Garstang has an opportunity to decide how we further develop the town’s commitment to Fairtrade.”

She added that the steering group wanted to involve as many people as possible in deciding how to raise even further the local community’s understanding of and commitment to Fairtrade.

The committee says it will welcome ideas, suggestions and new steering group members. More information on how to share your views can be found on www.garstangfairtrade.org.uk.