Wheelchair challenge to transform 20 lives

Shaun Gash during a recent climb up Mount Kilimanjaro
Shaun Gash during a recent climb up Mount Kilimanjaro
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Preston North End players will accompany two fund-raisers as they push themselves in wheelchairs on an epic journey from Lands End to John O’Groats.

Several members of the team will support Shaun Gash and Gavin Levitt as they ride from their ground through the city to boost funds for Rainbow House, in Chorley, as part of the pair’s 20 Twenty Challenge, aiming to change 20 lives in 20 days.
Shaun, of Lancaster, who has been in a wheelchair since he broke his back in 1991, will propel himself in a wheelchair the length of the country in under 20 days.
As a result, he aims to set a new Guinness World Record.
The 46-year-old said: “I do charity challenges every year, such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I really enjoy doing it and raising funds for charity.
“This year I decided to do the wheelchair challenge with Gavin, who is from Rotherham. He is an ex-forces PT instructor and will push alongside me in a wheelchair, which is out of his comfort zone.
“I do obstacle course racing and the people I run with are also taking part as area fund-raisers across the country to help boost funds for their own local causes.
“We want to get people to help plan this challenge, and we are breaking the country into 20 day slices, and for each area we want someone, or indeed a team to join us for a day.
“We are looking for individuals, charities and groups to raise money for. We want to give something back and help change people’s lives.
“I want people to think long and hard about how they can help, and how together in 2017 we can change people’s lives. This is mass participation and we plan to be the catalyst for good sweeping the nation.
“For example, the PNE players are supporting us to raise money for Rainbow House.
“In Blackpool, we will be supporting six-year-old Gracie-Ann Fletcher, who has scoliosis, spina bifida, epilepsy and a heart condition. She also has multiple congenital abnormalities to her spinal cord and vertebra. We have raised funds for specialist trainers and sandals for her.
“In Heysham, we have been supporting 14-year-old Joe Shaw, who has leukaemia and has been treated in Manchester. He was unable to return home, because his family had problems with a leaking roof over his bedroom. We managed to fund builders to come and sort it.
“I have given the challenge the tagline of changing 20 people’s lives, but in reality it will be a lot more.
“People have been so inspired by our 20 Twenty Challenge and donated.”
Shaun and Gavin’s challenge will start on August 9. They aim to wheel themselves through Preston on August 17 and Lancaster on August 18.
To donate or to take part visit http://www.20twentychallenge.org.uk

Gavin Levitt at Mount Kilimanjaro

Gavin Levitt at Mount Kilimanjaro