Will 55p pay for my trip with NWAA?

Max Compton
Max Compton
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That was eight year old Max Compton’s question after he was airlifted by North West Air Ambulance to hospital with a broken arm.

And when he learnt that his 55p donation would have helped a bit, but that this national, hardworking and popular rescue service had no statutory funding, he decided to raise some more for it.

Mum Clare takes up the story and told The News that Max had then suggested a cake sale at his school, Brabin’s Endowed in Chipping, to raise funds.

She said: “He had been airlifted by the NWAA to hospital in April from a field near our home after an accident resulted in badly broken arm. He had put 55p in its collection box in Longridge the previous day, and thought perhaps that would pay for the great service the team gave him!

“When we learnt they receicved no statutory funding, Max suggested a cake sale and we raised £100.” Max’s reward was a helicoptor balloon by Betty Balloon - and he is to receive a thank you certificate from the NWAA next month.