Wind causes storm havoc

Wind damage off Garstang Road, Catterall
Wind damage off Garstang Road, Catterall
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High winds caused havoc across the district last week.

Trees fell, tiles were ripped from roofs and fire crews received 300 calls in one night as the region was battered by storms.

At one stage, some 300 homes in Garstang were left without power.

The coast took a battering and it was bad news for Barton Grange Garden Centre when its clock tower toppled in the gales.

Winds reached up to 100mph and trains on the West Coast main line between Preston and Penrith had to be cancelled on Wednesday. As well as trains, bus services, and two flights in and out of Blackpool Airport also had to be cancelled.

There was chaos across the coast, as buildings were damaged and the storm caused havoc to the roads. Several major routes in Blackpool had to be closed, including the Promenade.

Ornamental stone work fell from a roof on Woborrow Road in Heysham and landed on the road below.

Reader Gary Evans shared this picture of what an ill wind had caused at Catterall.

He said: “This tree luckily was in a field on Garstang Road and it toppled into the field and not the road.”