Winter warnings over flooding

Water lot!: A road at Inglewhite after heavy rain in September
Water lot!: A road at Inglewhite after heavy rain in September
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Environment chiefs are urging people across the Garstang area to know their flood risk and make plans to protect their families and homes this winter.

Following one of the wettest summers on record, the Environment Agency is urging people across the county to be flood aware.

This week the organisation launched flood action month.

The Environment Agency’s flood executive for the North West, Sally Sudworth, said: “One in six properties are at risk from flooding in England, but only 5% of people living and working in these locations accepts that risk.

“Knowing your flood risk and being prepared could save your family, possessions and livelihood.

“You can check your risk of flooding from rivers and the sea on the Environment Agency’s online flood map and then find out what you can do to protect yourself on our website or by speaking to us.

“Surface water flooding, which happens when rainfall cannot drain away quickly enough, is harder to predict, so it’s important that people get to know flooding hots pots in their neighbourhoods and keep an eye on the weather.

“Flooding is a natural occurrence, and while flood risk can be reduced it cannot always be eliminated.

“This is why it is vital that people know their flood risk and take steps now to protect their families, homes and businesses.”

At this week’s meeting of Garstang Town Council, PC Dave Shaw told councillors an increase in incidents for September had been due to a number of calls relating to flooding.

At the end of September flooding across the area saw trains cancelled, roads closed and communities put on flood alert.

And Garstang Primary School and St Michael’s CE Primary School was forced to shut as its lower ground classrooms were flooded with more than 75mm of water.