Wyre fisherman fined

Victor Buschini
Victor Buschini

A FISHERMAN involved in a £47.5m illegal fishing scam has been fined £70,000 – in addition to the £341,000 of his assets which have already been seized.

Victor Buschini, 51, of Kiln Lane, Hambleton, a member of a Fleetwood fishing dynasty, admitting illegal fish landings at Fraserburgh in Scotland from his ship Enterprise.

He was one of 17 fishermen working out of the Shetlands who together were fined £470,000 at the High Court in Glasgow.

Buschini (pictured) and partner Hamish Slater, of Fraserburgh, operated the trawler and made illegal landings of £7.2m.

Slater, 52, was fined £80,000.

The men exceeded herring and mackerel quotas and Judge Lord Turnbull said they had been involved in a “cynical and sophisticated” scheme.

He said they were normally law-abiding, but added: “The motivation was purely financial.”

Buschini had £341,000 confiscated at a previous hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

At the time, Gordon Jackson QC said: “Every penny has been paid back.”

The court heard the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency monitored catch sizes on computer screens which had been altered to show lower weights.