Wyre motorcycle accident warning

POLICE have revealed shocking figures which show Wyre bikers are more at risk of accidents than other road users in the region.

Three out of every four fatalities on the roads in northern division, which covers Wyre, Lancaster and Morecambe, have been motorcyclists.

More than 45 per cent of all serious and fatal accidents in the northern division since April have involved motorcyclists and in total 27 bikers have been injured or killed in crashes.

The revelation comes just weeks after teenager Lydia Taylor-Harrison, from Stalmine, died on August 31, a day after a crash involving a motorbike.

The 18-year-old former St Aidan’s Church of England Technology College pupil and Stalmine Gala Queen was the pillion passenger on a Honda motorbike which was in collision with a Nissan Micra on Rawcliffe Road, Out Rawcliffe.

Just days earlier Brian McCowen, 53, from Poulton, was travelling along Blackpool Old Road, in Poulton, when he lost control of his black Kawasaki motorbike at the junction with Belmont Avenue.

Mr McCowen suffered fatal injuries when the bike slipped and crashed into an oncoming Ford Focus on August 22.

Police are now warning motorcyclists to take extra care on the roads.

Sgt Nigel Ralphson, of northern road policing, said: “Riding a motorbike can be exhilarating, but it can be dangerous too.

“Bikers need to make sure they are wearing the correct protective equipment when riding, even when it is hot. ”

Investigations show more than half of collisions since April have been due to rider error.

The actions of other motorists lead to 38 per cent of the collisions.

The primary factors in causing collisions were failing to look properly, failing to judge speed and distance, losing control, poor manoeuvring or riding too fast for the road conditions.

Nearly 60 per cent of the collisions involved bikes over 500cc, with an average age of riders 38, and 24 per cent involved bikes under 125cc, with an average rider age of 19.

Sgt Ralphson added: “In a collision with a car, a motorcyclist will invariably come off worse.”