Wyre to oppose closure plans?

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WYRE Council will be asked to formally oppose plans to close Claughton tip, it was announced this week.

The borough council will consider a motion at its next full council meeting in September to urge Lancashire County Council to reconsider its closure proposal.

Wyre borough councillors representing wards affected by the closure held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the issue and resolved to put forward a motion strongly condemning the county council move.

Borough councillor Roger Brooks, who is leading a community campaign - backed by The Courier - to save the tip said the support of Wyre Borough would be a major boost to the cause.

“It will send out a very strong message and it is important to show that the local councillors are right behind the community on this issue’’ said Coun Brooks.

If approved, the motion would set the Tory-run borough council on a collision course with Conservative colleagues at county hall over the emotive subject of the household waste recycling centre closure programme.

The county council want to shut the Claughton facility, along with similar centres in Great Harwood, Bacup and Colne, to help them meet stringent cost savings.

A review of all county-run sites concluded that residents in the Garstang area could use alternative centres in Preston, Longridge, Lancaster or Fleetwood to dispose of their waste and recycling.

But Wyre borough councillors are understood to be concerned that the decision could put added strain on the kerbside collection service - managed by Wyre - and that the tip closure could lead to more fly-tipping, less recycling in the borough or residents being forced to make more environmentally damaging car journeys to use alternative centres.

So far a petition organised by Garstang Town Council opposing the closure has gathered over 1,500 signatures while a Courier survey showed that 97% of readers who responded were against the idea.

A second on-line petition has now been launched on the county council’s own website. If the ‘Save Garstang Recycling Centre’ petition - which can be found at: http://council.lancashire.gov.uk/mgepetitionlistdisplay.aspx - attracts at least 500 signatures LCC are obliged to consider the petition in their decision making processs.

Coun Brooks has also contacted all affected parish councils to enlist their support for the campaign, saying: “At every layer of local government we want to show united opposition.’’

• You can still complete the on-line ‘Save our Tip’ survey at www.garstangcourier.co.uk