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Readers are full of praise for Garstang Community Academy's Sister Act
Readers are full of praise for Garstang Community Academy's Sister Act

Solution for school issue?


Solution for school issue?

I have an idea for addressing the problems of childhood obesity and parking mayhem around schools and help cash- strapped councils.

There should be red line road markings for a 200m radius centred on all schools and councils should charge parents £52 per year for a pick-up/drop-off permit.

The result would be more kids would have to walk to school, or at least walk 800m a day, councils or schools would get some money to spend, and residents who live adjacent to schools would be able to access their drives.

Traffic in general will be eased during the twice daily school run rush hour, saving journey times and reducing air pollution and it would get parents exercising as well.

A win, win, win situation.

R Spreadbury

via email


Never forget Elizabeth Fry

The other day, I was given an old £5 note showing Elizabeth Fry, a Quaker.

Her extraordinary life is not well remembered.

The Quaker movement began in the 17th century with the visionary George Fox.

Unlike the hierarchical ‘church’, they sit in silence as equals, to focus on God within. Anyone inspired by that focus can speak.

The name Quaker was coined in ridicule, when Fox had the courage to tell the taunting

King Charles that he should “quake” before Almighty God.

Charles had many Quakers tortured, imprisoned and martyred, but before Elizabeth was born in 1780, they’d found ways to pacify the state, and Elizabeth shared her empathy among prisoners in the horrendous London jails.

Her nursing school later inspired the work of Florence Nightingale and, after her death in 1845, the Lord Mayor of London helped establish an asylum for the destitute.

Her likeness on the £5 note was an insufficient but fitting tribute to one of the greatest heroines this country has ever known.

Now, that note shows only the plastic likeness of one of the greatest warmongers this country has ever known.

I take that as a warning.

But, meanwhile, we must never forget Elizabeth Fry.

Beryl Williams

Address supplied


Share your experiences

I’m 68 years old and have osteoarthritis. I’m urging readers affected by arthritis to join me in sharing their everyday experiences and support Arthritis Research UK’s new campaign.

I consider myself lucky to have the loving network of friends and family that I do. I’m confident that, whatever life may throw my way, they will be there to support me. Despite this, the pain of arthritis can feel isolating. I’ve been living with arthritis for over five years now, and some days the pain makes it difficult for me to do something as simple as carrying the washing upstairs.

Over the years, I’ve picked up little tips that help me. During November, the charity Arthritis Research UK is asking people to share their experiences of day-to-day living with arthritis in their Share your Everyday campaign. Ten million of us in the UK are living with arthritis, and together we can shape the big ideas and little changes to push back the limits and live the lives we want to. Share your everyday experiences at

Nora Boswell

Living with arthritis, via email


Time of year is no fun for pets

Remember, remember the 5th of November and by all means have your fun, but please keep in mind this time of the year is no fun for our pets.

They can panic when fireworks are let off, then run away and get lost or injured, so please keep cats and dogs indoors whenever fireworks are being let off and try to be at home with them on bonfire night. A little consideration towards our four-legged friends will be very much appreciated.

Josephine Harwood

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Fabulous talent in our town

We went to Sister Act at Garstang Community Academy on October 21.


Who needs Manchester or London when we have all this talent in Garstang?

It was unbelievable.

Gillian and Barbara

Little Ducklings