Readers’ letters - Friday, November 25

Drugs are among the concerns raised by two young Preesall girls. See letter
Drugs are among the concerns raised by two young Preesall girls. See letter
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Please listen to our concerns

Dear Preesall Council,

Our names are Ellie and Holly and we are two local girls. We would like to express our concerns about two things that have affect us.

The first thing is buses.

As you are aware, the buses in our area have been reduced which means that there are many people who can’t do things. We ourselves had a problem a couple of weeks ago when we both helped out at an after school event, which meant we had to rely on my parents to pick us up as the buses had stopped before we finished.

As we both grow older, there will be more things we would like to do, for instance, get a weekend job or go to the cinema with friends. But we will not be able to do them due to no buses after a certain time or on a Sunday.

Also, what about the people who are in hospital? If their loved one has to use a bus to visit them, on a Sunday they can’t go because there are no buses, which will be upsetting for all involved.

We think this is unfair and hope the local council will and can do something about it. It doesn’t just affect the elderly but every age bracket.

If you yourselves didn’t drive for some reason and had to rely on the bus, how would you feel with no buses running on a Sunday?

There are many more reasons why we need to save the bus service.

My next issue is drugs and, yes, we do have a problem in this area and we think it’s about time that something was do about it.

We should be able to go to the park and have fun, but no, instead you see teenagers smoking drugs and drinking alcohol.

We appreciate we have no police in the area but with everyone knowing this, it makes people think they can do what they want. We know it will never get fully stopped but it seems more and more people are using or dealing drugs in our area.

Just last Christmas we witnessed a drugs raid on a house on my street, which is not nice to see at my age.

Drugs in this area is high and, if something is not done soon, then it will get out of control, as the young people in the area have nothing else to do and know they can do it and never get caught. Maybe more education at school and more activities and facilities for young teenagers are needed, definitely more policing is needed, but we need to do something please.

I do hope you take our letter seriously as we need to do something.

Ellie Rumney

Holly Brooke



Centre hopes have perished

As the headline in last week’s Courier suggests, it seems very much the end of the road for the dream of a publicly-owned community centre, based at the former Rural District Council office at the north end of the High Street (Courier, November 16).

Reader, you may remember the euphoria generated at the public meeting in Booths two years ago, urging the town council to require Wyre Council to list the building as a community asset.

It did and we all imagined the £250,000 or so purchase price would soon be raised.

It turned out that no serious attempt was made to fund the purchase, time ran out and this is when Keyworker, bless their hearts, stepped in and, after some ‘argy-bargy’ about a community room, the town council dropped out of the picture.

The outcome is a public asset being sold to a private developer with no tangible benefit to Garstang.

The very least Keyworker can do is to allow a Blue Plaque to be affixed to the shell of what we all recognise with the wording: “On this site perished the hope of a Garstang community centre 2017.”

Roger Brooks.


animal welfare

PDSA: Save 
our pet stars

Christmas is a critical time of year for vet charity PDSA. This Christmas we expect to see around 50,000 sick and injured pets in need of our help around the UK. That’s why we desperately need funds to keep our Pet Hospital doors open. In our eyes, all pets are stars, and we want to do all we can to keep them shining bright. But it is only with your donations that we can help keep best friends together this Christmas. Pet lovers can find out more about the pets we care for and support our #SaveAStar campaign at or text STAR to 70025 to give a one-off donation of £5. On behalf of the pets, thank you.

Nicola Martin

PDSA Senior Vet