Amateur town club pools its success at awards evening

Garstang Amateur Swimming Club members have been awarded for their achievements at the club’s annual presentation evening.

Thursday, 19th February 2015, 7:00 am
Members of Garstang Amateur Swimming Club

The evening commenced with the presentation of medals and trophies by Steve Eccles the club’s first president and coach Ian McKean.

Head Coach Sue Booth announced the new Micro League captains as Becky Hawtin and Zach Morse and Hadley Price and Corien Saul as the senior captains.

Chair person Sandra McKean congratulated the swimmers and went on to thank the committee for their hard work throughout the past year and also thanked the parents who are not committee members but work very hard to keep the club progressing year on year. Thanks also went to Julie Hewitt and her daughters Rosie and Abbie organised the very successful evening.

Most of the children were rewarded for their hard work with medals and ribbons for the clubs annual gala.

Trophy winners

Francesca Gordon - Six years combined strokes

James Hambleton - Seven years combined strokes

Erin McNeil - The Gibson cup: Eight years combined strokes and Garstang cup for 8 years IM

Ernest Collinson - Fuel services trophy for 8 years boys combined strokes and Carr trophy for eight years boys IM

James Hawtin – Darbyshire and Horabin nine year boys combined strokes and Ceri-Warren nine year boys IM.

Rachel Williamson – CCM nine year combined strokes & John Wilding 9yr IM

Hannah Metcalf – Tayban trophy ten year girls combined strokes

Lucy Metcalf – Rotary ten year girls IM

Edward Clegg – Hanson trophy 10 year old boys combined strokes and Otter challenge ten year boys IM

Natalie Charlesworth – Fairclough&Woodruff 11 year girls combined strokes and Wheatfield joinery cup 11 year girls IM

Jack Holmes – Fairclough & Woodruff 11 year boys combined strokes & Wheatfiled joinery 1 year boys IM

Jessica Critchley – Coaches trophy 12 year girls combined strokes and friendship trophy 12 year girls IM

Zach Morse – coaches trophy 12 year boys combined strokes & McKean trophy 12 year boys IM

Phoebe Collinson – 13 year girls combined strokes and 13 year girls IM

Matthew Jennings – 13 year boys combined strokes and 13 yea boys IM

Elle Morse – St Ivel shape 14 year girls combined strokes and north county poultry 14 year girls IM

Robert Heath – St Ivel shape 14 year boys combined strokes

Matthew Fricker - North county poultry 14 year boys IM

Eleanor Moss – Hevey cup 15 year girls combined strokes & Mikes Sportsworld 15 yeargirls IM

Matthew Gardner – Heath Trophy 15 year boys combined strokes and classic engravings 15 year boys IM

Rebecca Heath – Jeff Bell trophy 16 year girls combined strokes and 16 year girls IM

Freddie Hewitt – Jeff Bell trophy 16 year boys combined strokes & 16 year boys IM

William Atkinson – Jeff Bell trophy 17 year boys combined strokes & 17 year boys IM

Corien Saul – Jeff Bell trophy 17 year girls combines strokes and 17 year girls IM

Alicia Clegg – Ladies open category

William Atkinson – Men’s open category