Brothers are kick boxing black belts

TWO kick boxing brothers from Longridge have become among the youngest in Lancashire to be awarded the prestigious black belt in their chosen sport.

Tuesday, 14th December 2010, 6:55 am

Even at just 10 and 13, Dean and Dale Taylor, of Parlick Avenue, Longridge, are no strangers to the tough martial art of kickboxing, having first taken it up six years ago at the ages of four and seven respectively.

And on Sunday they were awarded their black belts after a grading at the Nippon UK martial arts school in Preston.

Proud mum Jackie Cookson says the boys love their kickboxing and first took up the sport after being inspired by their dad, John Taylor, who also enjoys martial arts.

“They played lots of sports but this was the thing they were really interested in’’ says Jackie.

“Even at such a young age it has been good for them. They don’t go out fighting or anything like that, that’s not what it is about - it teaches them self discipline and they are both good, sensible lads.

“It is a good sport to be involved in and it keeps them very fit’’ she adds.

Dale, who is a pupil at Longridge High School, and Dean, who attends Barnacre Road School, also took up ju jitsu a couple of years ago, which is more about self defence than the semi-contact art of kickboxing, and are up to purple and white belts.

The pair have been coached by Sensei Colin Jones at Nippon UK, where they train once a week.

They completed a mock grading in kick boxing on November 28 and were entered for their junior black belt grading, conducted by Sensei Simon Woodcock at the weekend.