Classy Cockerham hit poor Preston for six

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Central Lancashire U16s Championship League

Preston United 0 Cockerham 6

Cockerham travelled to Moor Park Preston on Sunday and managed to continue their winning ways when they faced opponents Preston United. Playing on a very hard, uneven surface any skilful passing football was definitely out of the question and it turned out to be more of a battle of wills than skills.

Playing a team at the lower end of the table Cockerham seemed to be drawn in to an illusion of ease, which dissected their usual team performance and turned their game play into a more uncharacteristic individual display. This enabled Preston to be somewhat flattered by the score which in fairness should probably have been in double figures.

Cockerham’s defence firmly shut the back door and dealt with what ever chances Preston threw at them. It was Cockerham’s Alexander who claimed his hat-trick in the game with Robertson chipping in two and Jack Preston completing the tally.

A game which is probably best forgotten except that it provided another three points and a step closer to top spot in the league behind Penwortham Town. Tom Anderson was awarded man of the match for a solid performance at right back.

Team: McGreavy, Maloney, Hilton, Pakeman, Alexander, King, Topping, Ball, Danson, Preston, Anderson, and Robertson.

Next week Cockerham face Euxton Villa in a home fixture, 11am kick off.