Defensive errors cost youth dear in cup semi

Syndicate Youth Cup SemiGarstang 1 Southport 6

Wednesday, 18th February 2015, 9:36 am
Garstang Youth

Garstang shot themselves in the foot making some horrible defensive errors and giving themselves no chance of making the final.

The first mistake came as early as the fourth minute when the Southport centre forward was left all alone to lob Graham for the opener.

Garstang fought back but 10 minutes later a Southport free kick was floated into the box and a free header made it 2-0.

The Riversiders dug deep and began to get a foothold in the game putting some pressure on the Southport defence and when Ben Roberts scrambled the ball into the net on 25 minutes Garstang were back in it and remained on top to half time.

Garstang made a bright start to the second half but the Southport winger broke free and hit a cross shot which Graham could only palm out to the onrushing striker and he made no mistake.

Any chance of a comeback were extinguished when Murphy got a big push in the back as he attacked the Southport area but the foul wasn’t given, the ball was whacked upfield and 10 seconds later the referee was pointing to the Garstang penalty spot for what seemed an innocuous tackle in the box. The penalty was dispatched and Garstang’s dream was over.

Another defensive mix up between Graham and Hofstetter led to Southport’s fifth goal and a further goal made for a rather flattering score line.

The team played well but gifting goals at crucial times meant they had far too big a mountain to climb.