Let there be light!

The new floodlights at Garstang FC's Riverside ground.
The new floodlights at Garstang FC's Riverside ground.
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Garstang FC has switched on its £20,000 pitch floodlights for the very first time.

Players, sponsors, supporters, committee members and former players were all there to witness the unofficial switch on of the club’s new floodlights.

Following a roller coaster week during which first team manager Iain Swan and his assistant Dave Porter both resigned, the floodlights have given the club a real fillip, with the players reportedly “over the moon”.

Former players Olly Bradshaw and Simon Hands both went along to the Riverside ground to witness the big switch on.

Olly said: “The ground looks perfect under the new floodlights – I only wish that I was playing on it now”

Simon added: “It’s brilliant, unlike in my day when we had to hump about and erect two portable lights so that we could train”

The present players are delighted to have the opportunity to train under the club’s own floodlights, with the future prospect of night games.

Player Andy Ireland who has been at the club 11 years said: “I never thought that I would have seen this when I first signed for the club – it’s fantastic.”

Chairman Adrian Wilding said: “It was an amazing sight and made me very proud to be the chairman of Garstang Football Club.

“The floodlight switch on has given everyone a tremendous boost.”