Garstang miss out on top spot with draw

Garstang 2 (1) v Lancaster and Morecambe 2 (1)

Tuesday, 20th January 2015, 11:00 am
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Garstang played host to Division 2 leaders Lancaster and Morecambe 2, who were out to avenge last weeks’ cup defeat. Garstang started well with composed possession and accurate passing again, confining their opponents to their defensive half for most of the first 20 minutes and Olivia Mason tucked a neat close range pass into the net to put the home side ahead. Lancaster and Morecambe immediately upped the pressure and Garstang, rushing their passes, found many intercepted giving L and M chances to break behind the defence.

Keeper Zoe Mather was out quickly to smother one chance at the top of the circle, but minutes later a through pass from a misplaced hit out gave the same attacker a fraction of a second advantage and Annabelle Cartmel levelled the score.

After half time team talk from club coach Dave Gee, Garstang settled quickly to the task, moving the ball around and retaining possession much more comfortably, creating several good chances only for the final shot to be just wide of the mark. As weather conditions deteriorated Garstang’s defence dealt comfortably with Lancaster and Morecambe’s counter-attacks, youngster Holly Wilson in particular showing great maturity and coolness under pressure.

When a sudden hailstorm made play almost impossible and obliterated the pitch markings umpires suspended play. Garstang defender Ellie Moss then revealed a nasty injury to her finger needing at least stitches (subsequently found to be broken) and was sent off to A&E. When the hail stopped and lines reappeared play resumed with Garstang continuing to press for the winner, coming closest with a Wendy Howarth pass to the near post that needed only the slightest of touches but went just wide. The half finished with no further goals and Garstang’s keeper not having touched the ball.

Another excellent game between the two top teams in Division 2 but a frustrating result for Garstang. A win would have seen them go top but they remain level on points with Lancaster and Morecambe 2 who have a game in hand.