Donation for teams’ new kits

St Cecilia's netballers in their new kit
St Cecilia's netballers in their new kit

Four school netball teams in Longridge have received a boost after a generous donation helped to buy new kits.

The squads at St Cecilia’s RC High School were awarded £400 by the Longridge Partnership, a Yorkshire Building Society agency, to buy new dresses and warm hooded clothing.

“As a local agency we’re delighted to have been able to contribute to the new kits for the netball teams”, said Helen Millington, proprietor of the Longridge Partnership, in Berry Lane, with her husband Steve.

“We’ve heard from our staff and customers who have personal connections to the school just how committed the teams are and looked at ways we could help. The hoodies have kept the girls warm through the winter when temperatures on court have been below freezing while training and playing matches.”

The netball teams are made up of pupils aged 11 to 16, all of which take part in the competitive Leyland League on a weekly basis.

Sarah Bethwaite, head of PE at St Cecilia’s, said: ”All of our netball teams are very committed to their sport, playing in whatever conditions the weather throws at them. We were delighted when the Longridge Partnership offered to contribute to the costs of buying new, warm kits for the teams.

“They have made a huge difference during the colder months and we’re all very grateful.”