Garstang draw despite repeated chances

Donna Richardson on the ball in Garstang's game against Morecambe and Lancaster.
Donna Richardson on the ball in Garstang's game against Morecambe and Lancaster.
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Morecambe and Lancaster 0 vs Garstang 0

Garstang travelled to St Martins Lancaster on Jan 17 for the second game against the 3rd placed Premier League side Morecambe who scored two of the four league goals Garstang have conceded this season in the first round match in 2014. The weather was bitterly cold and the match equally so.

Morecambe started at full tilt and for the first three minutes pinned Garstang back in their half. Then Di Roe broke out on the right wing and set the pattern for quick Garstang attacks with her high speed runs being met by a resolute Morecambe defence. In a promise for the future she linked up with the equally quick (and newly signed) Becky Worthington. Garstang established territorial dominance with Morecambe trying to catch them out on the break. Both teams were hitting the ball with power and the quality of passes, stops, interceptions and movement off the ball was excellent.

Garstang’s backs and mid field were in great form with Josie Rice, Jude Chapman and Donna Richardson omnipresent. True to the pattern after eight minutes the Garstang goalkeeper Sarah Skelton (SJ) had to be quick off the mark in her D to clear a Morecambe breakout.  A few minutes later Catherine Godbold twice came close to scoring in one on ones with the Morecambe Keeper following good work by the Garstang mid field. Garstang won their first penalty corner (PC) and a good slip to Di Roe on the right was well met by the Morecambe keeper. After 28 minutes Morecambe won their first PC and Donna Richardson made a good clearance.

At the start of the half Morecambe again started well winning their first PC after a minute. Garstang immediately broke back with a series of PCs of their own with Di Roe creating the opportunity. Donna Richardson again superbly cleared Morecambe’s break back and Garstang really put the pressure on Morecambe. Josie Rice had a superb passage of play at great pace and keeping the ball despite several knocks from lesser mortals. Two quick attacks by Di Roe came close and the Morecambe Keeper made some great saves including a superb goal saving dive that was applauded by both sets of supporters. Debs Huyton made her presence felt in the Centre and Becky Worthington twice came close to scoring having raced in to the D. After 26 minutes Garstang won another PC and the injection went loose up the pitch leading to some pressure from Morecambe. They won a repeated short corner with two pad saves by SJ. The series was finally terminated following an intervention by the distaff umpire.

This was a superb performance by both teams with Garstang dominant but Morecambe fighting back strongly to deserve the draw. Garstang had eight chances to score against two for Morecambe and in this form could put a cricket score against any but the top three sides in the Division.