Garstang’s goal-den hockey ladies

Garstang captain Arianna Lowry making an attack on the Leyland and Chorley goal during Saturday's one-sided victory
Garstang captain Arianna Lowry making an attack on the Leyland and Chorley goal during Saturday's one-sided victory
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Six first-half goals saw Garstang Ladies’ fourth team post an 8-0 win against their Leyland and Chorley counterparts at the weekend.

Garstang were minus two key players but nevertheless had a strong squad out.

After only two minutes, Rianna Uttamlal came close to scoring on the left post and the alarm bells were ringing for Leyland and Chorley.

A minute later, however, and Garstang captain Arianna Lowery slotted home their first goal.

Centre-half Orla McShannon relished her instructions to break into the ‘D’ and was unlucky not to score in front of goal on six minutes.

A minute later and her powerful shot gained the reward she deserved to make it 2-0.

On 12 minutes, Garstang won their first penalty corner which saw Pip Chapman’s effort saved well.

Four minutes later, in open play, Chapman smashed the ball high over the post before another penalty corner saw some good defence by Leyland and Chorley clear the ball to the side.

A minute later, though, Chapman opened her account by smashing the ball home from open play.

Two minutes after that and Chapman scored again with a subtle, well-crafted goal which saw the ball go just inside the post with the keeper having no chance.

It became 5-0 on 23 minutes when Caitlin Ball scored with a well-placed, lifted flick to the keeper’s left.

A brave Leyland and Chorley side broke free from their shackles on 24 minutes and moved inside Garstang’s half for the first time.

The Garstang defence of Katie Stevens, Elaine Smart, new girl Eva Starzaker and Rachel Orton came into action with some good clearances by Orton seeing off the threat after a few minutes.

Garstang came back hard and Holly Swarbrick made a strong run down the right wing and broke into the Leyland and Chorley ‘D’.

She placed a perfect pass to Uttamlal on the post, where she swept the ball home for her first goal of the season and a 6-0 lead at half-time.

After a long break, Leyland and Chorley came back on the pitch, determined to defend their honour as well as to avoid conceding a double-digit score.

Garstang, for their part, were visibly tired after throwing everything bar the kitchen sink at their opponents in the first half.

They still started strongly and, after five minutes, it was Chapman who powered home a lifted shot for number seven and her hat-trick in the process.

A great save denied Ball a minute later as Garstang peppered the Leyland and Chorley keeper’s pads.

To their credit, the keeper and defence held firm but McShannon scored the eighth on 17 minutes.

She drove hard into the ‘D’ and, having beaten two defenders, went head to head with the keeper before eventually working the ball round her to score a gritty goal.

A fine save denied Chapman another goal six minutes later before McShannon almost drove through the defence for another goal.

Garstang then slowed down their play with the defence caught out badly on the break.

Fortunately from their perspective, keeper Milly Turner managed to deflect a well placed shot to safety.

There was still time for Garstang to win another penalty corner which saw Lowery go close to scoring her second goal of the game before full-time signalled a fifth win from eight games.