Order of play for Tom Barron

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Longridge Bowling Club will host the Tom Barron open competition on Saturday, May 11.

The draw, in order of play, is: 1 Barry Simm v Michael Knowles; 2 Daren Chambers v John Fox; 3 Hugh Hornby v Wayne Ditchfield; 4 Martin Gilpin v Gareth Gwilliam; 5 Clay Flattley v James Ball; 6 Simon Coupe v James Grimston; 7 David Kirby v Kieren Dodd; 8 Jack Livesey v Mike Hewitson; 9 Ian Nicholson v John Thorpe; 10 Bill Livesey v Jon Metters; 11 Owen Jackson v Andy Cairns; 12 Karl Holden v Darren Edmondson; 13 Mark Holden v Paul Livesey; 14 Neil Helm v David Jackson; 15 Daniel Sillitoe v David Gwilliam; 16 David Brown v Michael Leach.

Games 1-4 will start at 10am, games 5-8 at about 10.50 am, games 9-12 at approximately 11.40am, and games 13-16 at approximately 12.30am.

Practice is available from 9.30am.