Team secure place in division

Team photo of the Ladies 2s hockey team.
Team photo of the Ladies 2s hockey team.
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Garstang 2s (3) vs Windermere (0)

LCWHA Second Division

Garstang Ladies 2nd XI have secured their fourth position in the LCWHA Second Division against Windermere.

Starting the game with only one point difference between the two sides, meant it was an important game to win for both sides.

Windermere began the game with the first push back and held the possession putting the Garstang defence immediately on the back foot. But once Garstang commanded possession the attacking momentum moved play to the oppositions D where a penalty corner was quickly created. With numerous good chances and the majority of the possession Garstang didn’t manage to secure a goal in the first half, there were many close calls and near misses including an excellent cross from Rachel Roe being deflected off the back line by the keepers glove (which incidentally was no longer attached to the keeper) scuppering Garstang’s chances of taking the lead in the first half.

Although Garstang maintained the majority of the possession Windermere did manage to get some good breaks in the first half from quick set plays and even managed to get through keeper Zoe Mather’s legs however, the ball never made it to the goal due to sweeper Georgie Hampson’s quick defensive work.

The long awaited goal finally arrived five minutes into the second half in the form of a penalty corner. The straight strike was rebounded and Helen Mather’s goal was not seen by the umpire but the ball eventually made it to the back of the goal from a rebound by Olivia Mason. Windermere fought hard to equalize, quickly getting a penalty corner which was well defended and the possession returned to Garstang. Buoyed up by finally finding the back of the net there was great movement from the Garstang side who again kept possession resulting in two further goals. The final touches over the line coming from Rachel Roe supported by sustained effort, determination and great assists from Wendy Howarth and Georgie Hampson.

This was a team really playing well together making man of the match a hard decision. However when it came to the vote it went to Georgie Hampson who demonstrated great direction and distribution to the team through the game, two goal set ups and two crucial saves on the line ensuring Garstang a 3-0 victory.