Understrength Blues give a gritty display

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Aspull 34

Myerscough Blues 0

After last week’s victory and big squad, things changed drastically as the Blues had only 12 players.

Standing in the car park considering forfeiting the game, a young lad turned up with a pair of boots, introduced himself as Lawson, said he fancied a game, so off we went to Aspull .

Arriving at the ground Aspull offered the services of a Dave, a back rower who “volunteered” to play hooker. Now with 14, it was game on. The scrums were uncontested as the Blues only had Martin Hindle as a real front rower. The team featured five forwards and nine backs .

The message was to go and have fun, win the personal battles and play backs against the wall, Gladiator style rugby.

The first 20 minutes or were played almost entirely in Aspulls half. Dawson was kicking into space and putting the back three under pressure with high balls and they couldn’t cope. The new centre partnership of Smeeton and Taylor were solid, the wingers ‘Giorgio Armani’ and ‘Rambo’ were up and down and full back Duda were pressuring and chasing every kick not giving Aspull an inch.

John Carter caught a stray boot on the head, which left him with a nasty cut, and he trotted off, leaving Garstang with 13 men. Dawson missed a shot at goal on 10 mins, then on 15 up stepped Duda from much further out, dropped the ball just under the bar, but the Garstang backline had chased up and smashed the Aspull winger over his own tryline forcing a five- yard scrum, which unfortunately came to nothing.

When Aspull finally got out of their own half, they looked threatening but dogged defence by the Blues kept the scores level.

‘Big Swoz’ had to leave the field for 10 minutes after aggravating a knee injury, the Blues were back down to 13 again but continued to defend their line like their lives depended on it (which they did).

Just before half time Aspull chipped into space in Garstang ‘ s 22 and their nippy 9 was in a foot race against Lawson who splattered him, allegedly off the ball, and the ref gave a penalty try. Half time came and the Blues were 7-0 down.

The Blues continued to defend but bodies were falling apart and Aspull fetched on some fresh legs, stretching the Blues defence and scored some cracking tries.

Comedy moment of the day came when, with five minutes left, the Blues worked their way into Aspull territory and the ref blew his whistle and stuck out an arm signalling a Garstang penalty. Up stepped Duda, 15 yards out about five yards to the right and smashed a well struck kick miles to the right of the posts..

At full time the boys held their heads up high after a gritty dogged performance which every player earned an extra man point.

Dave the Aspull lad did himself proud, playing an excellent game against his own team.

New man Lawson was outstanding on his debut, putting in countless tackles and an all action effort.

Team: Hindle, Isherwood, Dave, Swoz, Walton, Lawson, Riley, Johnstone, Dawson, Carter, Smeeton, Taylor, “Gok Wan”, Duda.