Slam dunk win for U16’s

Garstang Community Academy come out on top in basketball competition

Wednesday, 21st January 2015, 12:43 pm
Garstang Community Academy basketball team

Garstang Community Academy basketball team have for the second year running won the under 16s competition.

The basketball team made up of, Tom Alston, Tom Hawkins, George Robson, Dan Keegan, Tom Nayler, Viel Buan, Dominic Davison, Oscar Etherington, Jamie Hill, Josh Goodwin and Sam Heyworth, competed in the district basketball final having won their four group games.

They went on to beat St Aidan’s in the semi final and came up against Hodgson High in the final. The game was a nail biter as the score swung backwards and forwards with the score 26-26 at the end of the third quarter.

But determined Garstang were keen to keep hold of their title and answered an eight point run at the beginning of the fourth quarter and Hodgson High just couldn’t recover. The final whistle was blown at 40-37 and Garstang were crowned victorious. Tom Alston was awarded the most valuable player award.