A little hidden gem

BBQ chicken wrap from Coco's takeaway in Friargate, Preston
BBQ chicken wrap from Coco's takeaway in Friargate, Preston
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Friargate, Preston

IT looks a bit rough and ready, and it’s one of those places that leaves a cooking smell on your clothes for hours afterwards, but Coco’s Soul Food in Friargate is a little hidden gem.

The shocking purple and lime green shop front gives way to beach scene wall paper and Bob Marley murals inside, which hint at what’s to come from the kitchen.

The well-thumbed plastic-covered menus contain an array of Mediterranean and Mexican delights, including tortilla wraps, burritos, penne pasta, paella, peri chicken and enchilladas, as well as Caribbean BBQ chicken and chicken wings.

For the less adventurous, there’s also a selection of burgers.

When my husband and I visited at 1.30pm on Saturday, there were barely any tables available downstairs, such is the popularity of the place.

Chris had been before, and knew exactly what he wanted – a large BBQ chicken wrap (£4) and a plate of chicken wings and chips (£5). Being a newby, I decided to follow his lead, and went for a normal sized chicken wrap (£3.50) and said I’d share the side order.

The service was speedy and polite. The food was well-presented, hot, and fresh.

The tortilla around my wrap was toasted on the outside, but soft too, containing fresh salsa, barbeque sauce, grated cheese, and masses of tender chicken strips.

The chicken wings and chips were much better than expected.

The wings were plump, not too greasy, and coated in a light layer of seasoned salt.

I happen to like salty things, for others, it might have a been a little too much.

The chips had been fried in their skins and were just plain lovely, especially smothered in Coco’s ‘special sauce’, something I reckon was based on cajun flavours.

For great food and a good price, I’d urge you to look past the surroundings and go to Cocos.

Catherine Musgrove