Aerial cooked up feast fit for a Princess

Ariel Open Kitchen
Ariel Open Kitchen
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Ariel Open Kitchen

Pall Mall, Chorley

Ariel was always my favourite. When it came to Disney princesses there’s really no contest, so I wondered if this Chorley takeaway would rank as highly in my fave five as the flame-haired mermaid.

I’m beginning to get fairly familiar with takeaways in Chorley having sampled one or two in the past due to the town being on my commute home from Preston to Wigan (sort of) so I decided to give this one a go.

Ringing my order through was no problem; a special with pineapple (£4.80), crispy shredded chicken in OK sauce (£4.50), a portion of fried rice (£2.10), a portion of boiled rice (£1.90) and a side order of crispy duck spring rolls (£2.60) and we were good to go.

Oh, and extra brownie points were scored for being accommodating when I asked if my order could be ready for a certain time.

But knock off some of those brownie points for having to order rice as an extra rather than included in the price of the main dishes.

On my arrival some twenty minutes later my order was ready and waiting for me.

The kitchen was open so I could have seen my food being prepared and there were lovely Chinese decorations dotted about the place to add a bit of colour.

As home was another 20 minutes away I was sceptical as to whether the food would retain its heat and as it was rather warm outside I was reluctant to switch on the footwell heaters to help it along.

But not to worry, all was just as toasty as the food was dished out as it had been when I left the shop, and the free prawn crackers I had been given for having an order over £10 were now warmed slightly too – bonus!

The special pineapple was nice enough, with the beef, pork, chicken and prawns meaty and fresh, but the sauce was somewhat bland.

The shredded chicken was a triumph; sweet and sticky with just a hint of a kick from the chilli.

But it was the crispy duck spring rolls that were the real winners, all four having vanished within seconds of being released from their paper bag.

Seems I have another Ariel to add to my list.

Rachel Hurst

Star rating: 8/10