Affordable organic prosecco from Lidl? We've put it to the test

Labelled 'extra dry'
Labelled 'extra dry'

Lidl have launched a limited edition organic prosecco giving wine lovers everything they need.

Just when we thought the prosecco bubble was about to burst, along come Lidl with an organic offering that promises less of a hangover - and who wouldn't drink to that?

Do sulphites give you a headache?

Do sulphites give you a headache?

What could be better than quaffing glass after glass of delicious bubbly without having to worry about a fuzzy head the next day! So how have Lidl managed to make prosecco even more mouth watering?

Well, there's nothing new about organic wines and growers abstaining from chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers in favour of organic viticulture. The resulting wines contain lower levels of sulphites; the preservative used to maintain the wine's freshness for longer.

But do sulphites give you a headache? According to research it's a myth - if you're sensitive to sulphites, headaches are not one of the symptoms. How about organic wines being more expensive? Well that's also a myth.

Lidl's new Organic Prosecco Spumante, keenly priced at £7.99 (in-store only) and made with organically grown glera grapes from the Veneto region in the north east of Italy, is a delicious excuse to stock up on a few bottles ahead of party season.

A lovely pale, lemony gold, it's fresh, light (11% abv) and lively, with white fruit aromas and hints of peach and pear. Dry and a little bit earthy, with a clean, fresh palate and floral undertones, it's stylish and extremely drinkable.

Labelled 'extra dry' - which translates to the quantity of residual sugar (12 to 17g/L) - in a supermarket sweep, this is less sweet than some of its contemporaries.

So, when put to the test, how did our sparkle specialist feel the next day?

The good news is, she was pleasantly surprised by the Lidl bubbly: "I'm not a huge prosecco fan," says taste-tester Prue, "so I liked that it was quite dry and not overly sweet. As to whether it won't give you a hangover? I suspect that might be rubbish, or at least some very savvy marketing from the supermarket.

"I didn't have a hangover the next day, but admittedly, I didn't down the entire bottle to really put the theory to the test.

"I also drank beer during the same night, so does that mean beer will no longer give you a hangover either? Probably not! Either way, prosecco lovers on a budget will probably still enjoy Lidl's offering."