Game review: Sniper Elite 3: Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC

As with any pre-order only downloadable content, it soon becomes available to all. The difference is though; you have to pay for it instead of getting it for free. Recently released is the pre-order bonus for Rebellions stealth-em-up, Sniper Elite 3 named “Hunt The Grey Wolf” which history boffins will know that Grey Wolf is referring to the most infamous evil dictator of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler. So it’s no guessing what you are required to do in this three part mission and sticking to the Sniper Elite 3 formula, you are once again left to complete this mission how you see fit.

Monday, 21st July 2014, 12:34 pm
Sniper Elite 3: Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC Review

You begin the mission using any of the unlocked arsenal setups from the main campaign before finding yourself starting on the outskirts of a small town. You have been briefed that someone extremely important is supposed to be visiting the nearby town soon and its down to you to find out if the rumours are true that it could be the Fuhrer himself, silly little ‘tash and all. The mission itself is in three separate parts, each with its own set of tasks you are required to do before moving on (no spoilers). I can tell you however considering the heavy marketing involved in selling this DLC that you do end up tracking down Hitler himself and you have a small window of opportunity to assassinate him. It holds a peculiar weight when he enters the fray. Even though it is the video game version of him, Adolf is as intimidating in game as it is reported he was in real life as he plonks his backside down sipping a drink before getting in his roofless automobile dressed in a strange white jacket with the trademark Swastika laden armband.

If you want to know how the game plays, please refer to my full Sniper Elite 3 review as this DLC plays no different. Enemies are placed just right for the mission to be manageable however on harder difficulties; it can feel a little claustrophobic with the feeling of not being able to move without being seen. The sound masking mechanic still remains intact here although not as frequent as I would have liked. Also, using your sniper rifle is not really advised during the second and third parts of the game due to it being very urban based with tight corridors and narrow passages, this pretty much ruined the whole point of the game for me, it’s a sniping game yet it is easier to rely on your trusty silent pistol, the Welrod. The end result however is as extremely satisfying as you can expect if you successfully kill Hitler although you get every enemy in the immediate area after you so your exit needs to be quick. Not a problem though as, conveniently, the exit is a few yards away from your chosen snipers nest. The main problem I found with the actual assassination section is the task markers. Although I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not, once Hitler was making his way towards his destination, my task marker was displayed onscreen with 500 plus on the distance counter, this of course made me think I had to relocate closer towards this marker which was the complete wrong thing to do as I ran and ran for a few seconds only to have the cut scene activate showing Hitler’s arrival a few feet away from my original snipers nest. I then had to frantically try to return back closer towards him which I barely done so although this made my exit a lot more challenging.

The whole mission felt recycled from the main game, buildings and terrain all looked familiar up until nearer the end where Hitler can be seen. As mentioned beforehand, Hitler presence can be felt and shooting him dead gives a huge sense of accomplishment especially if you kill him while his entourage drives him away which surprisingly unlocked a Trophy. Hitler’s onscreen manifestation is as faithful as ever with his aforementioned Swastika armband, moustache and that comb over.

Sniper Elite 3: Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC Review

Story - 3/5

Graphics - 4/5

Gameplay - 4/5

Overall - 4/5

Version Reviewed - PlayStation 4