A drunken slumber, the lit cigarette and a rescue

Emmerdale: Disaster seems imminent, when Kerry tells young Sarah to carry Jack upstairs to bed, while she lights a cigarette
Emmerdale: Disaster seems imminent, when Kerry tells young Sarah to carry Jack upstairs to bed, while she lights a cigarette
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A round up of this week’s soaps.


Lola has fought long and hard to win Lexi back, but as the hearing draws ever closer, she can’t help worrying that Sharon’s painkiller addiction is going to ruin everything.

She confides her fears in Billy, who thinks his granddaughter is exaggerating until Sharon invites them to a Mitchell family meal, and he gets to witness her behaviour first-hand. Phil catches Lola looking for evidence in Sharon’s handbag, and just when it looks like the atmosphere couldn’t get any more tense, social worker Trish turns up, followed by Shirley.

As Phil’s ex looks for cracks in Sharon’s Stepford (or should that be Walford?) Wife act, are Lola’s hopes about to be dashed?

Elsewhere, Ava is horrified when Dexter’s dad Sam turns up, and she orders him to stay away. However, she doesn’t count on her son taking a shine to the stranger ...

Kirsty feels trapped when Max books her in for a 3D scan, Michael manipulates Alice into taking a job as Scarlett’s nanny, and Ian flashes his ill-gotten cash, until the money once again runs out.


Things are understandably awkward for a besotted Gary as he tries to kiss Tina, and she knocks him back.

Though she agrees to keep quiet about the pass in front of Izzy, an incensed Tommy is on the warpath after Tina confides in him.

David is concerned ‘his’ baby may have inherited his epilepsy gene and wants to get the unborn child tested.

However, Marcus assures him there’s little chance of the condition being passed on - so Nick and Kylie breathe a little easier, until David asks Nick and Leanne if they’d be guardians of his child should 
anything happen to him and Kylie.

Eva is gobsmacked when she returns from her holiday and finds Stella cleaning at the Bistro and the Rovers up for sale, while Gloria considers bailing her daughter out.

Meanwhile, Roy gets some bad news when he eventually tracks down St John’s wife.

His dad died - three months ago.

Elsewhere, the funding of Faye’s school trip causes headaches for Anna, and Owen has a go at Katy for palming Joseph off onto Anna, so the young mum decides to stay with Ryan.


Despite a lecture from Cain on the dangers of dumping her kids at every opportunity she gets, Debbie leaves Sarah and Jack with Kerry, who is in an even more reckless mood than usual.

The babysitter is annoyed that Andy is trying to make peace with Amy, and hits the vodka bottle, eventually falling into a drunken slumber with a lit cigarette still in one hand.

When the cottage goes up in flames, Amy, Andy and Cain mount a heroic rescue. However, an oblivious Debbie is too busy flirting with a potential client to answer her phone, leaving her dad even more convinced that she’s completely out of control...

Elsewhere, Sean is devastated to learn his dog has died, and vents his anger by vandalising Brook Cottage. Megan tries to stop him, but when the teen smashes a metal curtain pole into a light fitting, it brings his rampage to an abrupt and potentially deadly end.

Elsewhere, Alicia decides to forget about David and concentrate on Dom, while Rhona considers drastic action when she can’t get her hands on more painkillers.


The week gets off to an uncertain start for the Palmers, with John worrying that his health problems were going to bring an abrupt end to his and Gina’s application to adopt Jett.

However, they receive great news from Molly - they’ve got the go-ahead! They’re finally going to be a proper family, and with a holiday on the horizon, and a phone call from Xavier, it seemed things couldn’t get much better.

Alf, Roo, Irene and Marilyn see the clan off on their trip, and the latter gets a bad feeling, but giving Gina a big hug, she ignores her instincts. But part-way through their drive, Gina sees visions in the road, before collapsing at the wheel...


As the village tries to come to terms with Texas’ brutal death, there are plenty of residents under suspicion - and Dodger is taken into custody.

He’s shown CCTV footage that we have to admit doesn’t put him in a good position, and when Will manages to implicate his brother further under his own questioning, things begin to look a little bleak for the real love of Texas’ life.