A story in song from Bowland to the Rockies

Singer Sandra Snowden takes the air as she serenades the local countryside
Singer Sandra Snowden takes the air as she serenades the local countryside
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Gifted Lancashire writers, poets, singers and musicians have combined to create a very special tale of the 1914-18 war to be told in Chipping on Remembrance Sunday.

As a group, they have called their First World War story Far More Grace than Me and will present it in the village hall on November 9, doors opening at 2pm for a 3pm start.

Poet William Michael Neary, also known as the Bowland Bard

Poet William Michael Neary, also known as the Bowland Bard

The story begins in 1910 and follows the lives of three teenagers from life in a quiet village in the Forest of Bowland, through the turmoil of the Great War and over to Colorado Springs in America’s Rocky Mountains.

Far More Grace Than Me is told through the poetry of Chipping poet and Bowland Bard, William Michael Neary, together with additional work by co-writer Sandra Sowden, all transformed into songs by Lancashire based singer-songwriters.

Performing them on Remembrance Sunday will be Andrew Hall, an astonishingly gifted violin player, accompanying excellent singers Tom Gill and Evie Rapson.

They will sing the Bowland song A Land for Your Dreams, Simplicity, Silk Satin Lace, Wildflower, My Summer Love’ and Out To You.

“From the fair city of Preston we have the mercurial Mr Tom Metcalfe singing a special song given the day Just Lads the words of which were written 400 yards from the cenotaph in Chipping,” say organkisers.

“Annie Tiley with her heartfelt vocals from the same fair city will sing Old Berry’s Chairs is joined by Jim King.

“Ironically, Jim King’s grandfather was commissioned to find horses for the Great War, Jim’s father trained horses to haul trees out from the woodland ‘with powerful carthorses taking the strain’ being a line from the song.

“Joe Martin will perform Whispered on the Wing and we have no clue how special or how high into the clouds Joe Martin and Andrew Hall will take you on the day with this song, but you will get to hear it twice!”

Cold side o’ town – superbly set to music and sung by Baxter Rhodes – will be followed by the enchanting voice of Sandra Sowden with Rocky Mountain Woman and Heart o’ Gold, Sandra is joined by Annie Tiley for these songs and they don’t half make everyone want to sing along!

Romance is in the air with a duet entitled Millpond Moon... but who sings it and how does it all end??

Tickets are priced at £8 for adults and £4 for children. For family ticket discounts email williamneary@yahoo.co.uk and more will be available at Retail outlets in Chipping, Charisma card shop Longridge, Jim King’s Garage in Whalley. and Megabites of Cumbria Sandwich Shop in Clitheroe.