Christmas – five months away but the Fest is planned!

Scene from a previous Christmas festival in Longridge
Scene from a previous Christmas festival in Longridge
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Longridge Business Group has its sights set on Christmas with a buzz about it as it plans the annual four-day extravaganza.

Following meetings this year, the group’s members and committee are aiming for ‘the Longridge Christmas Shopping Event to be an event which all the town turns out for and creates a buzz around Longridge’.

“A buzz equal to the efforts that all our businesses put in all year round that gives Longridge an unrivalled friendly customer welcome,” said chair Carole Hart.

Now known as the Christmas Festival, it is planned to start on Thursday, December 5 and run until the Sunday, December 8.

In early planning stages so far, The Valley Singers had agreed to perform on the first evening when a steam organ had also been booked for the evening.

A school choir had to confirm availability for the Friday, and Preston Opera indicated that the group might be able to sing on one of the evenings or possibly the Sunday.

It had also been suggested to organise the popular family event of a ‘Battle of the Bands’ performance for Saturday, 
December 7.

A band and marquee are also possible on the former bowling green behind the Indian Lounge.

The festival will begin with shoppers congregating at the top of Longridge.

A ‘Christmas tree light switch’ event is planned, as people make their way down Berry Lane, and a survey has been devised in order to gain feedback about the event with a £50 voucher offered as a prize for one person who completes the survey.