Film review: Two Night Stand (15, 84 mins)

Two night stand: Analeigh Tipton (Megan)
Two night stand: Analeigh Tipton (Megan)

Awkward bedfellows an instant attraction

Miles Teller, star of Oscar-nominated drama Whiplash, plays a far less demanding role in Max Nichols’ romantic comedy about two confused twenty-somethings, who find companionship when they least expect it.

Megan (Analeigh Tipton) joins a dating site to find her perfect man but none of the potential suitors seem quite right.

She heads out to a club where she crosses paths with her old flame Chris (Josh Salatin) then throws caution to the wind by having a one-night stand with Alec (Teller), one of the men on the dating website.

The following morning, Megan and Alec say their awkward goodbyes only to realise that there has been a blizzard and she is stranded.

Trapped in Alec’s cramped apartment, the embarrassed bedfellows share anecdotes about the night before and they sense there might be a spark of genuine attraction between them after all.

Released: February 13