Grooms: Do you have what it takes to pull off the ultimate wedding?

Don't Tell The Bride is back
Don't Tell The Bride is back

Some see Christmas time as the ideal engagement season, with more questions being popped than Champagne corks.

And if you're lucky enough to find the man of your dreams on his knees without first having dropped his keys, then this could be your lucky break.

Some weddings go surprisingly well

Some weddings go surprisingly well

You love him, you're going to marry him, and you trust him, right?

You trust him enough to plan your entire wedding, from start to finish, without any contact from you whatsoever. Three weeks will slowly and agonisingly tick by like a snail with a zimmer frame as you wonder just how spectacularly a man can ruin the biggest day of your life.

He'll be given £13,000 to get creative, so just imagine what he could do with the change from the stag do.

Let's just hope that roller coaster wedding isn't a metaphor for the rest of your lives.

But it's all ok because your known for your sense of humour, and your day to remember will broadcast on E4 for everyone to marvel at.

Who wants a regular wedding anyway? You're unique, one in a million, and if your future life partner wants an underwater wedding then pass the flippers.

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And if you're successful, don't forget to invite us to the wedding. We wouldn't miss it for the world.