New update for yachting ‘bible’

Peter Hunter
Peter Hunter
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A nautical guidebook written by a yachting instructor from St Michael’s-on-Wyre is being republished for the third time after establishing itself as ‘the bible’ for yachting enthusiasts sailing to the Isle of Man.

Peter Hunter’s “Isle of Man tides, directions and anchorages” was first published in the mid-1990s and, because of its popularity among the Irish Sea’s sailing fraternity published again shortly after.

Peter, a well known character in Wyre and a one-time Wyre councillor, died in September 2010 aged 79, but demand for the book has continued, with requests that it be updated and republished for the third time being taken on board by his widow Judith, and two friends, John Bradbury and Peter Woodworth.

Together with Mr Bradbury, senior coastguard officer at Knott End and Peter Woodworth, an ex-Fleetwood Natical College lecturer, Peter’s widow Judith has revamped the book. Peter and Judith’s daughter, Sara Clarke, a lawyer who lives in Hambleton, helped with computer and legal work on the book.

Judith said: “I am very proud and honoured that there is such a demand for Peter’s book, it is the classic book for sailing around the Isle of Man. We spent about a year updating it.”

Peter took up sailing in the 1960s, living in a converted lifeboat at Skippool Creek, Thornton. Later he built his own 17ft Lysander class yacht, christened ‘Knickers’,on which he sailed reglarly to the Isle of Man. He was lecturer at Fleetwood Nautical College for 15 years. He was also founder of the Lysander Owners’ Association, which is still going strong, and was a Royal Yachting Association master instructor.

About the republication of Peter’s book, a spokesman for the publishers, Ramsey-based Lily Publications, said: “This title encompasses all the vital details sailors need to know about sailing around the Isle of Man. The book not only includes tidal directions and hazards but also all the relevant information on entering the principle ports of the island.”

l “Isle of Man tides, directions and anchorages” is published by Lily Publications £8.95. It is available at Preston and Glasson marinas, as well as in the Isle of Man. It is also available from the book’s sponsor Tower Insurance which can be contacted on 01624 645928.