Pippa is getting ready for her right royal day

Pippa Chapman
Pippa Chapman

The new rose queen for Barton will be crowned in St Lawrence’s Church, Barton, at noon on June 22.

This year’s queen is Pippa Chapman, who is in Year Five at Barton St Lawrence Primary School and will be aged 10 when she is crowned.

Pippa is excited about being rose queen and is looking forward to opening various events in the village and also representing Barton at town and village events in the local area.

She has two sisters who attend the same school and is keen on swimming, gymnastics, hockey, dancing and athletics. She already has bronze,silverand goldold medals for swimming

Outside school, Pippa enjoys roller blade skating, singing, camping and Brownies

Her attendants for her big day have yet to be chosenThe crowning will be followed by a parade to the school in Jepps Avenue and a family fun day with lots of entertainment and activities.