Simply delicious verdict on amazing Apple Day

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It was a day of delight, a golden delicious kind of day ..... an Apple Day.

This was a harvest celebration with a difference.

Apple Day at Beacon Fell

Apple Day at Beacon Fell

Hundreds of visitors arrived at Beacon Fell for the event last Sunday which had been organised by the Friends of Bowland and the Friends of Beacon Fell.

The wide range of attractions included displays of locally grown apples and pears, the chance to have home-grown apple varieties identified, juice fruit and even sell off surplus crops.

There was a range of activities for children too, as well as displays of wood carving and rug making, arts , crafts and produce stalls and a performance by Lancaster-based Ludus dance company.

Organiser Mr Martin Charlesworth, of Friends of Bowland, said: “There were hundreds of folk - there must have been 300 or 400 through the door. The experts had such a busy day because lots of people came with apples.”

He revealed a local farmer stumped the experts with an apple it was impossible to instantly identify, prompting further research.