There’s room for swinging with the Black Cats

Black Cat Trio
Black Cat Trio
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Like cats on a hot tin roof, everybody will be dancing to these rockabilly favourites.

Nostalgia night Swingaroo Vintage Dancehall returns to Preston tomorrow with a visit from The Black Cat Trio.

With their diet of Rockabilly, jive and stroll, the threesome made the feathers fly when they lasted starred at the dance night this time last year.

Organiser Lorraine Swingaroo said: “We had to get these guys back as they raised the roof when they last played for us exactly one year ago.

“You get bags of energy with some breaks to take things a bit easier on the dance floor too. These fellas mix it up to keep you dancing all night.”

In between whiles, the Swingaroo DJs will be focusing on all sub-genres of swing.

And learners needn’t worry about being left as wallflowers as experienced “taxi dancers” will be on hand to guide anyone wanting to learn basic steps or brush up on their skills.

They will be happy to dance with, or share their skills with, anybody wanting to learn some basic Lindy Hop.

Doors open at 7.30pm at the venue, Ashlar House, in Saul Street, Preston.

Entry to the night is £8 for adults, £6 for NUS cardholders and £4 for under 16s.

Children are welcome to come along but parents must supervise them and ensure they do not wander into the path of the dancers.