Plungington Road, Preston

It wouldn’t be a Saturday night in without a takeaway, especially during winter.

After a long, hard week of work the only acceptable thing to do is sit down with the family, watch X Factor and order in a Chinese.

Chinese takeaway, Bamboo is situated on Plunginton Road and offers free delivery on orders over £10 within a 3 mile radius.

The website allows you to place your orders online, as well as make online payment with a card and choose your preferred delivery time.

Over 90 popular Chinese dishes feature on the menu along with a selection of alcohol and desserts.

After browsing the web-page for what seemed like hours we decided to do the only thing acceptable with Chinese food and order a bit of everything.

For £19.40 we managed to get Beef Chow Mein with garlic sauce, sweet and sour chicken, beef with green peppers and black bean sauce and egg fried rice, chips and prawn crackers.

The order arrived exactly on time and as we’d already pre-paid it was just a case of grabbing the food and sharing it out.

The food was beautiful, exactly as it always is. The portions were huge meaning we all got a large amount and thankfully everything was delivered still warm.

The Beef Chow Mein was to die for and the garlic sauce complimented it beautifully.

The other main meals were of exactly the same quality, especially the chicken dish which was succulent and well-flavoured.

The large quantity of sauces meant the meats weren’t left dry and there could be no complaints about the rice or chips either.

Overall the service was punctual, the food was tasty and the large portions meant we wouldn’t go hungry for weeks.

Star rating: 10

Amy Jackson