Bury beer Barry, but nothing is free

Good ales and a pleasant crowd at Preston's Guild
Good ales and a pleasant crowd at Preston's Guild
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Fond memories of Greene King brewery after a short stint working in the beautiful cathedral city of Bury St Edmonds.

One fortnight in and around the Bury Free Press, the editor of which is also called 
Barry. Barry, Bury, Barry, Freeman, Free – crazy!

You can, I am fairly confident, imagine the non-stop hilarity which ensued (amid the complete and utter chaos heralded by my arrival in town).

Anyhow, my digs were a stone’s throw from the cathedral (I managed to hit the clock), a hop, skip and a pump from the Greene King brewery itself and a short stagger from the Dog & Partridge, a Greene King public house of some distinction.

Great ale (all from up the road) great food, pleasant crowd.

Sad to say, my first pint of Greene King since – to which my chops were latched in The Guild pub on Preston’s Fylde Road this Tuesday – fell a little short of one pulled in sight of the premises in which it was made but then, that is only to be expected.

Miles always take their toll.

Still a nice pint though, for that, as was the Wainwright which gave chase.

First brewed to mark Thwaites bi-centenary this must be one of the most forgiving ales in current circulation. Can’t ever recall having a bad pint of it, and this was as refreshing and malty sweet as the best of them.

There was Black Sheep too, alongside Morland (a brewer bought out by Greene King in 2000), Old Speckled Hen and Leeds Best Bitter.

My first time in The Guild since it was The Hogshead, as it goes, but on strength of this nip I’d expect to be back there some time soon.

Bit careworn but not grubby, a good mixed crowd of workers and students, lads and lasses, mums and dads and bairns, with a great outdoor offer come the summer months and a nice line in cheap but hearty food. All good.

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