Carol’s life changed in just a Momenta

Time to tear up the diet book: Carol Lewis feels fitter and healthier after the Momenta programme
Time to tear up the diet book: Carol Lewis feels fitter and healthier after the Momenta programme
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A new type of weight management programme is about to hit Garstang – as the momenta system gains momentum.

The aim is to help break the ‘yo-yo’ cycle of fad diets. Momenta, to be launched at Garstang YMCA Leisure Centre next month, provides adult participants with proven techniques to manage their weight for life, – and in just 12 weeks.

Places are now available to all adults who are interested in losing weight and getting fitter and those who want to keep the weight off for good and achieve long term health benefits.

One person who has already benefited is Carol Lewis, of Hambleton, who has taken part in classes at Fleetwood.

She said her obsession with faddy diets looked like it could cause her marriage to head for the divorce courts.

Husband Phil could not take any more of Carol’s yo-yo dieting – a habit she had for 30 years on and off – causing more arguments and upset than actual weight loss.

Carol, 52, said: “I must have tried every diet ever invented, every book, every CD, different diets over the years and the fact I’ve been on and off them means Phil has too. Not necessarily eating the same or anything, but the emotional rollercoaster and the fuss about what you’re eating which comes with it.”

Then Carol spotted the YMCA had launched a Momenta programme in Fleetwood

Carol, who manages the Spar store at Hambleton Service Station, said Momenta had put her weight management back on track – and as a result helped her relationship with Phil.

She and fellow participants learned techniques to help understand and apply the key elements required to lose weight successfully, including nutrition, physical activity and psychology.

They also found out how to identifying key factors which contribute to weight gain and why so many methods of ‘dieting’ fail in the long-term.

Carol said: “Momenta helped me unravel everything and start again. I’d got myself so confused about what to eat and what not to eat.”

There is no finalised date yet for the Garstang programme, interested people should call the YMCA on on 01995 605410 and the dates and times will be set to fit in with those suitable for the msot number of interested people.