Belly good night and good cause

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A moving, funny and life-affirming show which tackles the subject of breast cancer via the medium of belly-dance is coming to Lancashire next month.

Sequins on My Balcony is a one-woman show which offers a fresh perspective on breast cancer, body image, belly dance and sisterhood through a blend of dance, drama, clowning and lots and lots of sequins!

The show, written and performed by Yvette Cowles, takes the audience on a funny, touching and sometimes surreal journey through bellydance and breast cancer and celebrates the gorgeousness of women, whatever their age, shape or size.

Yvette’s creation comes from personal experience.

But in spite of two mastectomies, two courses of chemotherapy and one of radiotherapy, plus on-going bone treatment, Yvette says she now feels more confident and happier with her body now than ever before. She believes it was belly dance and the camaraderie of other dancers that helped her regain her health and zest for life.

By telling her story in the one-woman show, Yvette hopes to change people’s perception of living with cancer – and perhaps their preconceived ideas of belly dance and belly dancers too!

The show will be at Hutton Village Hall, near Preston, on Saturday, July 4, from 7.30pm to 11pm.

Tickets cost £12 with a percentage of the proceeds from each show going to JUST BECAUSE, a charity formed by belly dancers which aims to raise awareness and detection of breast cancer in Egypt.

For further information, or to book tickets, contact Anne on 07843 079574 or via email or Sarah on 07815 549581 email