Duncan James on Funny Girls and making quite the entrance as Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Show in Blackpool.

The cast of The Rocky Horror Show  in Blackpool from June 24
The cast of The Rocky Horror Show in Blackpool from June 24

It was 1973 when the hit musical Rocky Horror Show first appeared before an audience of just 63 people in the Royal Court’s Theatre Upstairs.

Fast forward more than four decades and this fast paced, naughty, funny and sexy production is still on tour with Blue singer and actor Duncan James taking lead role in Richard O Brien's legendary offering.

Duncan Jones as Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Show

Duncan Jones as Frank N Furter in The Rocky Horror Show

Back by public demand this very rock n roll show, directed by Christopher Luscombe will make an entrance in the resort for six nights at the Opera House, Winter Gardens from June 24.

Featuring all of the famous musical numbers which have made The Rocky Horror Show such a huge hit “Sweet Transvestite”, “Science Fiction/Double Feature”, “Dammit Janet” and, of course, the timeless floor-filler, “The Time-Warp.”

Joining Jones in the cast West End star Stephen Webb as Frank and Strictly Come Dancing Champion Joanne Clifton as Janet.

He said: "I’m really excited about being in Blackpool because it means I can go to the drag queen bar Funny Girls.

I’m a huge fan of drag shows, especially after having done Priscilla Queen Of The Desert and now being in The Rocky Horror Show.

"Funny Girls is one of my favourite places so I’m going to be like a kid in a giant candy store."

It was in 1975 the musical was transformed into a film called ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. The adaptation took over $135 million at the Box Office and is still shown in cinemas around the world more than 40 years after its premiere, making it the longest running theatrical release in cinema history.

Many stars including Russell Crowe, Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Jerry Springer, Jason Donovan and Meatloaf have all appeared in The Rocky Horror Show in the ;last 45 years.

On landing the part Jones added: "It’s been a dream role of mine for a long time. I heard they were doing The Rocky Horror Show and I think Frank-N-Furter is one of the best roles you can play in musical theatre.

It’s such an iconic role and the show has such a loyal following. It’s such a wonderfully-written show and I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great to play Frank?’

"I rang my agent and said ‘I hear they’re casting The Rocky Horror Show, can you get me an audition?’ He did and so I went in, did the audition and got a recall.

When I went back I said to myself ‘I’m gonna get this’ and I did. I was really lucky because I fought off lots of competition from other well-known actors who were up for the part. I was like ‘No, no, no, this is my part!’ so when I got it I was really proud of myself."

The reviews so far have been impressive James's role 'oozing sex and seduction' and he says it's certainly been one of his most empowering roles to date.

He said: "The part of Frank-N-Furter is so twisted and so dark and that’s such fun to play.

"I mean, he’s essentially a psychopathic doctor who wants to create a man for his own pleasure and he’ll kill whoever gets in his way.

"Coming from Hollyoaks where I got to play a serial killer I thought it’d be great to then go and play Frank - to explore that dark, twisted mind again of someone who is living on the edge, someone who isn’t afraid to do what he has to do to get what he wants. That kind of character is really fun to play.

"I love getting dressed up every night, putting on the corset, the fishnets and heels. It’s such an empowering moment because when I walk out on that stage I feel huge compared to the other cast members.

"I feel like I’m towering above everybody and instantly I get that sense of command that Frank has.

And of course I’m not shy so I love strutting round. I’m really embracing it."Also, I have a bit of a fascination with drag queens and drag artists."

Whilst 41-year-old James is still happy to tour the world on stage with Blue, the boy band that first brought him to the spotlight on the release of All Rise back in 2001, he has since made a name for himself on the theatre stage with big roles as Billy Flynn in Chicago and Tick in Priscilla Queen of the Desert under the belt.

But he adds being part of The Rocky Horror Show has been a role to relish, he added: "It’s great that this show in particular has stood the test of time.

"It seems to be getting bigger and bigger, with more and more people getting dressed up to come see it as well as knowing the story and shout-outs. The show gains more and more fans every time it goes out on tour.

"It’s one of those shows where you get on stage every night and just have a really good time. It doesn’t feel like having to go to work and the audiences love it.

"The music is great, Frank’s words are so delicious and the way the story is told is just brilliant. I’m living my best life right now."