Former Eastender packs in the laughs

Terry Alderton
Terry Alderton
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Terry Alderton’s got a long established reputation as one of the best in stand-up comedy.

That said, to many, he may have only become known through his recent stint on EastEnders - playing Bianca’s Cockney cabbie boyfriend.

But don’t mention the soap, or he might launch a lyrical tirade about his ‘sacking’, sung to the show’s theme tune.

Alderton’s comedy set is an absolute assault on the mind.

Host and warm up for the night, Phil Walker described it as ‘comedy on the edge’ and that’s about right.

“I have a lot of thoughts, ladies and gentlemen,” he tells us. No, really?

From the bi-polar demon on his back, to the scattergun approach, there’s no simple ‘something funny happened to me the other day’ storytelling format to follow.

The audience interaction a compulsory part of any stand-up skit, is genius by comparison to the usual ‘What’s your name, where are you from, etc.’

The hour leaves you wondering just who is the mad one; Terry, the demon on his back - or quite possibly you.

Anna Cryer