Herculean labours of laughter

Dancers from Urban Dance Project performing Hercules with New Art Club
Dancers from Urban Dance Project performing Hercules with New Art Club
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Hercules, Grand Theatre, Blackpool

From the title of the show, I never imagined going to see Hercules would involve dancing around the aisles to Automatic’s Monster or being shot at by a boar armed with a water gun.

Staged by the New Art Club, the cast told this classic tale of Greek mythology with incredible comic style which left the audience – young and old alike – laughing until our cheeks hurt.

Pete Shanton (Hercules) and Tom Roden (whose task it was to ensure we actually learnt a bit of history among all the hilarity) performed with brilliant timing throughout the 90-minute production.

As Hercules takes on the 12 labours, we saw the Greek hero fight a lion in a black and orange stripped tent, learn how to hula hoop, wrestle in some tiny, blue hot pants, capture a boar running wild with a water gun and race in slow motion against the golden hind.

Local dancers from the University of Central Lancashire, Urban Dance Project and Fylde Coast Youth Dance brought to life the terrifying multi-headed monster the Hydra, performed a folk dance in the smelly Augean Stables, and took flight as the man-eating Stymphalian Birds with great enthusiasm.

With dancing, singing and even the ‘eyes open, eyes closed’ game, the family show was packed full of fun – leaving the audience with just one question... When are they coming back?

Emma Harris