Garden of unearthly lights

Illuminasia at the Winter Gardens
Illuminasia at the Winter Gardens
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An indoor illuminations spectacle the likes of which have never been seen before opens tomorrow in Blackpool.

Illuminasia at the Winter Gardens will be the “biggest indoor illuminations there have ever been in the world,” said a spokesman for the company.

Combining the resort’s long history of illuminations with traditional Chinese lanterns, a 40ft Blackpool Tower will be the centrepiece of an exhibition made up of everything from the wonders of space to a gigantic ant.

Designer Max Painter said: “What we are producing is a complete first in the UK.

“When you walk in you have the ancient China experience followed by an educational zone about the history of Blackpool. There’s a planetarium, the land of giants, an underwater zone, the wonders of the world!”

Production manager Qing Hu said: “It is an interesting combination of Western design with a Chinese folk art and we are all very excited.”

Ticket prices vary with online advance offers available. See for details.