Mere Sands pond dip for adults

Pond dipping at Brockholes
Pond dipping at Brockholes
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Pond dipping is not just for children say staff at Mere Sands Wood nature reserve in Rufford.

The reserve, part of the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, is hosting an adult version of their popular pond dipping events for children tomorrow.

It’s a chance for adults to understand more about the wonderful wildlife in our ponds - and share an experience enjoyed by their children (pictured right).

Mere Sands Wood Reserve Manager Lindsay Beaton said: “Adults will get a chance to do what hundreds of children do every year - fishing with nets in the exciting quest for beasties.”

Water invertebrate expert Dr Alan Bedford will be on hand to explain the ecology and natural history of ponds and help to identify some of the creatures caught in the nets.

Visitors can explore the secret life of frogs, newts, insects and the fascinating development cycle of dragonfly and caddisfly larvae.

And children are welcome to come along with their parents. The cost is £5 per head for adults and £3 for children but places are limited and must be booked in advance on 01704 821809.

To join to Wildlife Trust, go to their website at or call 01772 324129.