Everything starts with a, er, an, H...


Last year’s T theme at Beat-Herder saw revellers going to incredible lengths to outdo each other.

There were Transformer robots, tea ladies, Thor, tea spoons, tennis players, Thunderbirds, trains, Terminator, tea bags and even Teen Wolf .

This year the Ribble Valley festival’s fancy dress theme is simply the letter H.

Five years ago the festival decided to start a fancy dress theme using the letters of its name as inspiration.

Organiser Nick Chambers said: “We purposely didn’t want to chose an actual theme like pirates or vicars or whatever.

“We decided that if you just give people a letter they can really let there imaginations run wild and the proof is in the pudding.

“We’ve had some amazing stuff here over the years – real works of genius! A lot of people making and not spending.

“This year we want people to really push the limits.

“H is a great letter – definitely in my top five – and the possibilities are limitless.

“Hobgoblins, hedgehogs, hermit crabs, hussars, Hell’s angles, helicopters, Henry Winkler, The Hulk, the list goes on!

“Just think twice before you plump for hippy!”

Beat-Herder 2014 takes place on July 18-20. For more information and tickets visit http://beatherder.co.uk.