It’s been a hard played night

Let It Be
Let It Be

Let It Be

Palace Theatre, Manchester

There’s only one thing worse than admitting you never saw the Beatles – and that’s sitting, as here, next to someone who saw them . . . twice!

While no-one is about to pretend this tribute show would make up for such lost opportunity it does relentlessly build into an entertainment that deserves to be judged on its own merits.

Of course, it helps that the show judiciously chooses 40 of the finest Beatles pop songs from an all-too-brief career, and then neatly packages them into a chronological timeline of key moments from their story. The music speaks for itself, performed by a set of near lookalikes, who convincingly capture the voices, physical tics and humour of the Fab Four.

It’s a supercharged version of a show that the likes of the Bootleg Beatles have been touring for years. But What Let It Be may lack in spontaneity it more than makes up for with a largely acoustic-style second act that represented the kind of late period concert that sadly no-one was ever going to witness.

Get back to where we once belonged, before Saturday.

David Upton